Karlovy Vary mineral springs

Twelve mineral springs (with temperatures ranging from 30°C to 72°C) are used by the spa facilities in Karlovy Vary (for more information, visit www.splzak.cz)
The most famous natural curative source in the entire Czech Republic is Karlovy Vary´s Hot Spring.

As for chemistry, the hot spring water belongs to the bicarbonate-chloride-sulfate-sodium water group, i.e. thermal water. Individual springs have practically the same mineral content. They only differ as to temperature and the amount of carbon dioxide.
The creation, formation, and release of the hot spring water and gas towards the surface represent very complex and long-term natural processes.

The composition of the mineral water is unique, along with its beneficial effects upon the human body. It is used both for exterior balneotherapy (baths, etc.) and for drinking programs. In addition to mineral water and gas, spa therapy also makes use of peloids (mud, fen, peat).