Frequently asked questions


Do you offer accommodation at Elizabeth Baths?

Unfortunately not but you can find suitable accommodation on our web pages. There is an offer of accommodation – hotels, guesthouses and apartments.

Is your swimming pool open also for public?

Yes, it is. Our swimming pool area is designated mainly for the public. Please mention there are also some reserved and prepaid terms. You can find details about opening hours in the section ’Pool Opening Hours’.

Is a salt chamber situated in your building?

Yes, it is situated in the basement of the building.

What kinds of illnesses do you treat in your spa?

You’ll find a full-range answer in the section ‘WHAT DO WE TREAT’? We treat especially digestive system disorders, livers, pancreas, biliary tract, metabolic and locomotive system disorders. We can also offer skin or allergic diseases treatment, cardiovascular and many other illnesses treatment thanks to the large spectrum of treatments.

Is there a spa physician at Elizabeth Baths?

Yes, she is a highly qualified professional in internal medicine, physiatrics, balneology and remedial physiotherapy. She can communicate in Czech, English, German and Russian.

How long does the treatment period optimally last?

If you have a serious condition, three weeks is the best single treatment period. There is also a compromise - two weeks. If you come for one week only, you have to understand it as a preventive-regeneration stay. This one can be, of course, a big benefit for your health too. Many clients come after such a short stay again and for a longer time.

What does it mean “Patient’s consent (to)”?

This means a client’s consent to information provided about suitability or unsuitability of the treatment with regard to the patient’s health condition.

What does it mean “insured” and “not insured” clients?

Each client insured by a Czech health insurance company is ‘insured’. This client has a valid membership card. Those insured by others are ‘not insured’.

Booking and payment

Can we buy treatments without booking?

Of course, you can but if you do, there is a smaller choice. In addition, the desired treatment may not be available or the alternate term doesn’t suit you. Having short time to take treatments, it’s better to book treatments in advance.

Do we need to book swimming pool time?

No, you don’t but there is an exception. Gym exercise in the pool is on at special time and the capacity is limited.

If I come with a group, can each one of us receive treatment at the same time?

We can’t promise it without advance booking.

Can we pay by credit card?

Yes, of course. You can pay by credit card at any cash desk in the building. That means at the pool entrance in the basement, cash desks on the ground floor, reception, and consulting room.

Is it possible to pay by credit card through e-mail?

Booking by e-mail is possible but payment through a banking account only.

How early in advance do I need to book treatments?

It differs according to the type of treatment. One or two weeks are usually sufficient.