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History of Elizabeth baths

The Elizabeth Baths spa facility was completed and opened on 18th June 1906. The spa is named after the wife of Emperor Franz Joseph I Elizabeth, informally called Sissi. Elizabeth Baths is a chateau style building located in a park built in the French style, which has a handsome alley and a fountain in the middle. The beginning of the 20th century was called ‘the golden age of balneology’ and the newly-opened Elizabeth Baths provided up to 2000 treatments daily at that time.

In 1916, the building was known as Spa V and we have retained the name SPA5, for ease of communication. In 1978 a new 25m swimming pool was installed. In 2002, the building reverted to its traditional name of Elizabeth Baths. The swimming facilities were completely refurbished in 2004, and now include the main swimming pool, a relaxing pool, whirlpool, sauna, steam room and a children´s wading pool. Elizabeth Baths is a joint-stock company owned by the town of Karlovy Vary.


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