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Karlovy Vary – european spa town

The most famous spa town in the Czech Republic, founded in 1349 by Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. The origin and development of Karlovy Vary has always been linked inseparably with the beneficial curative effects of its thermal mineral springs, unique worldwide. The spa industry in Karlovy Vary has more than 600 years of tradition. The spa has been visited by guests from more than 80 countries around the globe.

Meet Karlovy Vary

The town is visited not just for its spa but also for its natural surroundings, cultural events and sports activities. Karlovy Vary is a city of festivals, conventions, and seminars, a meeting place for well-known figures from the world of politics, science, and culture. Well known festivals include the International Film Festival, Tourfilm, and the Jazz Festival.
If you like to be active, you can choose from three golf courses, many tennis courts and a network of walking tours in spa forests. Karlovy Vary souvenirs are available everywhere – the famous Karlovy Vary Becherovka (a stomach liqueur), spa waffles and Moser crystal glass.

Information about activities in the town

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