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Spa physician

Did you know you could visit the spa physician at Elizabeth Baths during your stay in Karlovy Vary? You can talk over your health concerns with the spa physician, ask for a check-up and receive recommendations for the best spa treatment. The health team will make your spa visit even more enjoyable.

MD Stanislava Maulenova

Spa physician

MD Stanislava Maulenova is a highly qualified professional. She graduated in 1984 from Charles University Prague (School of Global Medicine) with a first degree in internal medicine (physiatry, balneology and remedial physiotherapy). Subsequently she has specialized in myoskeleton treatment and acupuncture, and has studied obesitology. She has a strong commitment to continuing professional development focusing on internal and general medicine and physiotherapy.

MD Maulenova’s professional qualifications are matched by a sensitive and empathetic approach, as evidenced by the many clients who come specially to consult her. MD Maulenova can speak English, Russian and German.

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