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Herbal bath

A relaxing bath in hot mineral water (temperature: 37-40oC) with natural additives containing a highly concentrated extract


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(up to 85%) from clinically tested herb mixtures (willow peel, hop cone, nettle, lavender, mint or chamomile and Dead Sea salt). The extract is enriched with natural essential oils - each bath has its own special benefits and aroma.

Opt for ‘your‘ bath

Use of these concentrated herb extracts has a long-established and attested tradition.

Herbaden Spa Bath (dwarf pine)

A bath especially for those suffering from bronchitis or asthma, and rheumatic, joint and locomotive system diseases.

Herbaden Spa Bath (lemon grass)

A refreshing and stimulating bath, which improves concentration and alleviates flux and swellings.

Herbaden Spa Bath (lavender)

A bath designed to improve blood circulation in the skin. It is especially suitable for everyone suffering from rheumatic diseases and gout. The bath soothes the nervous system and alleviates migraine pain, giddiness and insomnia.

Herbaden Spa Bath (mint)

This bath soothes the nervous system and releases tension.

We recommend herbal baths to:

  • Clients overloaded by stress or prone to sleeplessness – lavender, mint.
  • For those suffering from joints and backache – dwarf pine.
  • For those who are exhausted, tired or lacking energy – lemongrass.

Herbal baths are not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition.

You will really feel happy in an herbal bath!

The enhanced power of nature – mineral water and curative herbs. The bath washes away all stress and psychological tension, loosing up the muscles, especially those near the spine.

How do we provide an herbal bath?

The client chooses the essence before taking the bath or when booking the bath at the cash desk. The client arrives at the scheduled time, enters the room with the spa bath tub, undresses and gets in the tub. The treatment takes 20 minutes. Afterwards, the spa attendant helps the client exit the tub, provides a bed sheet, which the client can use as a dry wrap to relax briefly on a recovery bed. All children taking this treatment must be accompanied by an adult. Clients with immobile conditions must also be accompanied.

Duration of treatment: 20 minutes + relaxation • Herbaden baths are freely available (no prescription necessary).

Baths summary:

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