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Peat bath

A mineral water bath with added peat. Combines the positive benefits of hot mineral water and the organic agents found

Price: 464,- CZK 

Price: 382,- CZK 


in peat, leaving a lingering sensation of warmth. Designed specifically to treat degenerative diseases of the joints and the spine. Treat your joints and spine to the warmth of a natural peat bath.

We recommend a peat bath:

  • To clients suffering from chronic joints and spine diseases of degenerative character.
  • To clients overloaded by stress or suffering from high muscle tension.

Peat baths are not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition.

A peat bath will warm your joints and spine right through

The warming effect of a peat bath triggers release of tension in the joints and muscles, enhance blood circulation in tissue, lead to total relaxation and promote a pleasurable feeling of contact with natural resources. Your joints and spine will appreciate the warming treatment of a hot peat bath.

How do we provide a peat bath?

The client arrives at the scheduled time, enters the room with the spa bath tub, undresses and gets in the tub. The treatment takes 20 minutes. Afterwards, the spa attendant helps the client exit the tub, provides a bed sheet, which the client can use as a dry wrap to relax briefly on a recovery bed. Clients with immobile conditions must be accompanied.

Duration of treatment: 20 minutes + relaxation • Peat baths are freely available (no prescription necessary).

Baths summary:

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