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Magneto therapy

Electromagnetic field treatment has a large spectrum of indications for chronic and acute locomotive system disorders,

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traumatic conditions and blood circulation disorders. Visible relief will not be felt after a single session (like electrotherapy) and the treatment will need to be repeated several times to be fully effective.

We recommend Magneto Therapy:

  • To treat chronic or degenerative diseases of joints and spine.
  • To treat post traumatology and post operation conditions of the locomotive system.
  • To treat bad blood circulation in limbs.

Magneto therapy is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition.

Magneto Therapy effect

Although a visible relief will not be felt immediately, it is attested treatment for chronic disorders of joints and spine. It also helps to accelerate the healing process of locomotive system by post operation and post traumatology conditions. The effect can be usually mentioned after 8-10 applications, sometimes even with two-week delay.

How do we provide Magneto Therapy?

Client arrives with a medical prescription. The client must remove watches, mobile phones or any other electronic and magnetic items, but can remain dressed, since this is a non-contact method of treatment. The application is provided with the client lying on a special table, usually for 20 minutes.

Duration of the treatment: depends on the prescription • Magneto Therapy is available on medical prescription only.

Electrotherapy summary:

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