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Shock wave

The application of shock wave therapy is a modern method for non-invasive, effective pain relief associated with

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musculoskeletal system. It brings a quick easement and improvement of movement. Usually used in orthopedics, rehabilitation and sport medicine. Shock wave therapy is based on transformation of pressed air energy into an acoustic radical wave. Shock wave therapy acts up to a depth of 4cm tissue.

We recommend the shock wave therapy:

  • Painful conditions – the therapy can drain substance P, which carries pain in the nervous system.
  • To release muscle tension.
  • To accelerate healing.
  • To increase collagen production.
  • To improve metabolism and microcirculation.

Shock wave indications:

  • Heel bone spur, Achilles tendon pain
  • Jumping knee syndrome
  • Proximal housemaid’s knee, tendinitis trochanteric attachment
  • Groin pain
  • Shoulder ache with or without calcification 
  • Tennis or golf elbow
  • Exostosis of small hand joints by arthritis of the first degree
  • Palm part pain in wrist area
  • Tendon and ligament inflammation
  • Trigger points
  • Application to acupunctural points

How do we provide shock wave therapy?

The therapy is administered in the sitting or lying position. The treated area is covered with a special gel. Each procedure takes a few minutes only. The patient may experience percussive sensations but no pain. Sometimes there may be mild swelling, sensitivity or bruising to the area of application. It is important not to overload the body area where the treatment has been taking administered for two days after the application. The treated area should not be subjected to extended exercise for three weeks at the earliest . The session can be repeated for a maximum of three or five times at three or seven day intervals. The effect of the treatment is long lasting.

Duration of the treatment: depends on the prescription • Shock Wave Therapy is available on medical prescription only.

Electrotherapy summary:

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