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Ultrasound works on the principle of mechanical waves and heat formation deep within the tissue to alleviate pain, dilute

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tension, improve blood circulation. Ultrasound also promotes the healing process, absorption of traumatogenic swellings and helps to reduce locomotive system disorders.

We recommend Ultrasound:

  • To treat acute and chronic disorders of the locomotive system.
  • To release muscle tension in the spinal area.
  • To accelerate healing of injuries and post operation conditions of the locomotive system.

Ultrasound is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition, pregnant women or clients with a peacemaker.

Ultrasound effect

The ultrasound application brings a positive effect being repeated several times. It improves joints ability to move, releases muscle tension, regenerates treated tissues, and accelerates healing of some locomotive system injuries.

How do we provide Ultrasound

The client arrives with a medical prescription at the rehabilitation department. Firstly, the client removes clothing and any jewelry form the part of the body to be treated. Gel is spread on the treated body area. The client immerses feet or hands into a little tub of water if the treatment is provided under water. After the end of the treatment the physiotherapist removes all traces of gel.

Duration of the treatment: depends on the prescription • Ultrasound is available on medical prescription only.

Electrotherapy summary:

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