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Alternating leg shower

The Alternating Leg Shower with alternating jets of hot and cold water is well tolerated and has positive effects. 


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A refreshing massage by water jets, directed automatically to the client’s legs, with frequent hot and cold water changes. The cycle is repeated a few times. The resulting improved blood circulation reduces leg pain and alleviates vascular disorders.

We recommend an Alternating Leg Shower:

  • To improve blood circulation of lower limbs.
  • To influence positively neuropathy of lower limbs.
  • To act in a reflexive way on headaches and vegetative function disorders.

The Alternating Leg Shower is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical conditions and pregnant women.

Alternating Leg Shower effect

The treatment is provided in a standing position, focused on the lower limbs. The machine sprays water in alternate cold and hot jets. The Alternating Leg Shower results in reactive blood circulation, relaxation and total calming. It is recommended for blood circulation disorders of lower limbs, headache, migraines or vegetative dystonia.

How do we provide an Alternating Leg Shower

The client arrives at the scheduled time, enters the cubicle, undresses and puts on a swimsuit. The spa attendant explains the process. The client rotates slowly during the treatment, holding the hand rail. After the treatment, the client receives a bed sheet from the attendant.

Duration of the treatment: 12-15 minutes • The Alternating Leg Shower is freely available.

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