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Whirlpool bath

Mechanical hot water whirling massages different parts of the body immersed into the water. Especially suitable for


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traumatic conditions, to alleviate pain in the locomotive system. Either overall or partial treatment - lower or upper limbs.

We recommend a Whirlpool Bath:

  • To treat some post-traumatic or post-operation conditions.
  • To alleviate pains in locomotive system.
  • To improve blood circulation in tissues.

The Whirlpool Bath is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition and pregnant women.

Whirlpool Bath releases

Very intensive and pleasant massage by water jets situated on the tab circuit. Reduces the load on stressed muscles and joints. Brings a feeling of release.

How do we provide a Whirlpool Bath

The client arrives at the scheduled time, enters the wardrobe, undresses or gets in a swimmsuit.
Whirlpool bath overall - the attendant helps to the client to get into a tub full of hot water.
Whirpool bath partial of the upper limbs - the attendant helps to the client to immerse his arms into water in a special tub.
Whirpool bath partial of the lower limbs - the attendant helps to the client to sit down and immerse the legs into water in a special tub.
After 15 minutes, the spa attendant helps the client out of water and provides a bed sheet.

Duration of the treatment: 15 minutes • Whirpool Bath is available with a patient’s consent.

Hydrotherapy summary:

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