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A gentle massage with different aromatic oils. The oil used will depend on the client's particular needs. If you are

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exhausted or lack energy, try the stimulating effects of citrus essence (tangerine, orange, lemon, lime). If you are suffering from stress or lack of sleep, try the soothing sedative effects of lavender, cedar and balm. Available as a neck and back massage, or overall body massage. Very popular with ladies.

We recommend aromatherapy:

  • To clients overloaded by stress
  • To clients suffering from high muscle tension in the spinal area or extremities, or experiencing pain in the joints or the spine.

Aromatherapy is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition.

A gentle treatment for the body and soul that leaves you feeling great!

This very pleasant treatment is based on soft hand contact and aromathic oils. Very popular with ladies. Luxuriate in the sensation of the soft touch and the aromatic smell to experience complete relaxation.

How do we provide an aromatherapy?

The client arrives at the scheduled time, enters the cubicle, undresses and takes a shower. The treatment is provided to the client lying in a prone position (on the belly) on a massage table with soft touches and aromathic oils, accompanied by relaxation music. An overall massage means a massage of the whole body except the belly and chest. The masseur will remove any traces of oil at the end of the massage.

Duration of treatment: partial - 20 minutes, 45-50 minutes overall • Aromatherapy partial is freely available, Aromatherapy overall - with patient's consent (Solemn declaration).

Massages summary:

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