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Classical massage

A manual massage with massage oil or emulsion. Different massage techniques are applied to particular muscle areas. We

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offer a part massage (neck and back) and an overall body massage (including arms and legs). A tummy massage is available on medical prescription. The massage gradually alleviates or eliminates pain of the locomotive system.

We recommend classical massage:

  • To clients overloaded by stress
  • To clients suffering from high muscle tension in the spinal area or extremities, or experiencing pain in the joints or the spine.

Classical massage is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition.

Massage has remained popular since ancient times to this day.

Classical massage is one of our most popular treatments.
The skilful hands of a masseur can reduce pain in the back area, joints and extremities. Massage can bring release of the body and mind through the physical contact of a massage.

How do we provide a clasical massage

The client arrives at the scheduled time, enters the cubicle, undresses, obtains a bed sheet and takes a shower. The treatment is provided on a massage table. All body parts those most recently massaged are covered by a bed sheet.The masseur removes traces of oil or emulsion at the end of the massage.

Duration of treatment: 20 minutes – partial, 45-50 overall • A partial classical massage is freely available. A full (overall) massage is available with a patient’s consent.

Massage summary:

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