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Honey massage

This massage combines the benefits of a manual massage and natural honey. Special massage techniques achieve


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hypotension and promote strong blood circulation of the massaged tissues in the back, while honey aids purification. The treatment detoxifies skin and muscles, releases tension and soothes muscle spasm.

We recommend honey massage:

  • To clients suffering from high muscle tension in the spinal area.
  • As a way of body detoxification.

A honey massage is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition or clients with extremely hairy back.

Specific effect of the honey massage

A more vigorous but very effective detox treatment – natural deep heat that helps your muscles relax, better blood circulation and so quicker detoxification.

How do we provide a honey massage

Client arrives at the scheduled time, enters the cubicle, undresses, obtains a bed sheet and takes a shower. The treatment is provided on a massage table. It involves special massage touches - pushing and kneading. Some sensitive people can feel it even painful. There are no classic massage touches. It is not ideal when the client has a hairy back. After the end of the massage the masseur removes traces of honey. Then the client takes a shower again. It’s recommended to increase fluid intake.

Duration of treatment: 15 minutes • Honey massage partial is freely available.

Massages summary:

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