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Hot stone massage

This ancient and benign treatment was discovered thousands years ago. It releases stress and pain from the body, relaxes


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muscles by unblocking energy points to revive circulation of essential life forces, leaving body and mind in full harmony. The procedure is completely painless and will leave you feeling completely refreshed and relaxed.

We recommend a Hot Stone Massage:

  • To clients overloaded by stress or suffereing from exhaustion or lackign energy.
  • To clients suffering from spinal muscle pain or headaches.

A hot stone massage is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition or clients with varicose veins.

A deeply relaxing and revitalizing treatment to restore your energy.

A hot stone massage is a pleasant treatment during which the client is submerged into deep relaxation. In this state, the client regains enormous mental power and energy. Feel the radiant heat from the stone and experience the soft touch of the masseur during the entire treatment period.

How do we provide a hot stone massage

Client arrives at the scheduled time, enters the cubicle, undresses, obtains a bed sheet and takes a shower. The treatment is provided on a massage table. It involves soft massage touches and preheated stones, which are moved over the back and extremities. After the treatment, there is time for the client to relax for 10 minutes before taking a shower.

Duration of treatment: 60 minutes + 10 minutes relaxation time • Hot stone masssage is freely available.

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