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Reflexive foot massage

Acupuncture points and reflex areas on the sole of the foot are activated by a special massage, to radiate positive energy

Price: 649,- CZK 

Price: 518,- CZK 


to body organs or entire body systems. The effects of the massage can be felt immediately. A suitable treatment for acute and chronic disorders, to provide palliative relief or preventative care.

We recommend Reflexive Foot Massage:

  • To alleviate disorders of particular organs and body areas.
  • As preventative treatment, to increase mental harmony and for its anti-depressive effect.

A Reflexive Foot Massage is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition or clients with a skin or tissue disorder in the feet area like varicose veins, inflammations or fungal disorders.

A popular treatment to bring the body and soul into harmony

A suitable prevention treatment as well as a method of bringing the body and soul into harmony. It can positively influence depressive conditions. The treatment can provide information about conditions relating to particular organ disorders according to the sensitivity of special reflexive points.

How do we provide a foot reflexive massage

Client arrives at the scheduled time, enters the cubicle, takes off his/her shoes, socks and any other clothing on the legs, to leave the lower part of the leg free of clothing.
The masseur first washes client’s feet. Then the masseur washes and desinficates his/her own hands.
The treatment is provided on a massage table. It involves special massage touches of acupressure points on the feet and other parts of the lower leg.

Duration of treatment: 45 minutes • Reflexive Foot Massage is freely available.

Massages summary:

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