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Rolletic massage

Small, rotating balls massage different parts of the body to aid weight loss and cellulite reduction. It also firms up the skin

Price: 150,- CZK 


(especially after pregnancy), improves blood circulation, alleviates back pain and relaxes the muscles.
The cheapest – but very effective - non-manual massage!

We recommend a Rolletic Massage:

  • As training before VacuShape exercise.
  • To obtain better blood and lymph circulation in the massaged area, reducing of cellulite and fatty pads.

Rolletic Massage is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition or pregnant women.

How do we provide a Rolletic Massage?

The client arrives at the scheduled time, enters the cubicle and changes into comfortable, casual clothing. The attendant shows the client how the Rolletic machine works. The machine will carry out the massage for the chosen length of treatment (10 to 30 minutes). The client can take a shower at the end of the massage.

Duration of treatment: 30 minutes • Rolletic Massage is available with the patient’s consent.

Massage summary:

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