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Underwater massage

An overall body massage in warm water (35-38oC). Water jets directed at specific parts of the body (arms, legs, back)


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combine the beneficial effects of heat, bath water, massage and movement to promote muscle relaxation, improve blood circulation in the skin, sub-cutis, and increase joints mobility. Also stimulates the lymphatic system and reduces pains in the locomotive system.

We recommend an Underwater Massage:

  • To clients suffering from high muscle tension in the spinal area and from joints pain.
  • Total release and improvement of joints mobility.

An Underwater Massage is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition.

A unique aqua-massage that will leave you 'born again'!

Pleasant relaxation in hot mineral water followed by a water jet massage of the whole body except the head, chest and belly. The aqua-massage is very intensive because it is applied under the water surface. It refreshes and rejuvenates the body.

How do we provide an underwater massage?

The client arrives at the scheduled time, enters the room with a special spa bath tub, undresses or changes into a swimsuit and gets in the tub with the help of the attendant. The attendant explains to the client where to hold the handles, then massages with a water jet the whole body except head area, chest, belly and kidney area. If so prescribed, the massage is also applied to the belly.The treatment takes 15 minutes. Afterwards, the spa attendant helps the client exit the tub and provides a bed sheet which the client can use as a dry wrap to relax briefly on a recovery bed for 10 minutes.

Duration of treatment: 15 minutes + 10 minutes wrap• Underwater Massage is available with a patient’s consent.

Massages summary:

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