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Lymph drainage manual

The venous and lymphatic system is drained by means of controlled compression touches in physiotherapist’s hands. The


Price: 490,- CZK


Price: 790,- CZK


 result is a return flow of body liquids, support for the body’s metabolism, improved subcutaneous functions and reduced swelling.
It acts as a positive force against cellulite on the legs, bottom, abdominal area and the arms too.

We recommend Lymph Drainage Manual:

  • To reduce lymph swellings and venous deficiency.
  • For pre-operative, post-operative and post-traumatic prevention.
  • To get and keep slim legs without cellulite.
  • To detoxify and strengthen lymph outflow.

Lymph Drainage Manual is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition and pregnant women.

Lymph Drainage Manual will ease you

Soft touches release all lymph nodes gradually. Lymph outflow from the entire body is stimulated (Lymph Drainage Manual overall), from upper or lower limbs (Lymph Drainage Manual Partial).
The benefits of this treatment are medical but also psychological, as the client feels the limbs slimming down and lightening.

How do we provide a Lymph Drainage Manual

The client arrives with a medical prescription and undresses. The physiotherapist provides the massage with dry hands without any emulsion or cream.

Duration of treatment: 20 minutes partial • 45-50 minutes overall

Lymph Drainage Manual partial is freely available. • Lymph Drainage Manual overall is freely available.

Rehabilitation summary:

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