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Manipulation, mobilization

Skilled manipulation by a physiotherapist to restore joint mobility, to consolidate the locomotive system, pathological

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changes and pain relief. A marked effect is noticeable after just the first treatment.

We recommend Manipulation and Mobilization:

  • To unblock the spine and joints area.
  • To improve muscle imbalance, posture disorders, to act on soft tissues.
  • To alleviate pain conditions and locomotive system disorders.

Manipulation and Mobilization are not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition and pregnant women.

Manipulation and Mobilization effect

These technics help to improve function disorders in spine and joints areas with the help of special manual techniques provided by physiotherapists.

How do we provide Manipulation and Mobilization

No special preparation needed. The physiotherapist decides the method and position in which the treatment will be provided.

Duration of the treatment: 20 minutes • Manipulation and Mobilization is available on medical prescription only.

Rehabilitation summary:

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