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Pneumo puncture (gas injections)

Acupuncture points are activated by injections of carbon dioxide under the skin. Gas injections improve local blood

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circulation, dissipate pain and treat functional disorders. This treatment has exquisite effects although it isn’t too pleasant. It eases pain of spine and joints.

We recommend Gas Injections:

  • For painful syndromes of the locomotive system (spine, joints).
  • To release muscle tension.
  • For a beneficial effect on internal organs.

Gas injections are not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition or pregnant women.

Gas injections ease pain

Although the treatment may feel unpleasant, the effects are outstanding. It eases pain in the spine and joints immediately and releases of muscle tension.
After about 6 - 10 sessions the pain in the spine and joints will abate for a few months.

How do we provide Gas Injections

After washing and putting on disposable gloves, the physiotherapist requests the client to undress, remove the clothing to an adjacent area. The client sits on a chair or lies down on a special table. After disinfecting the treated skin. gas (CO2) is applied with a sterile needle in given area. The physiotherapist notes the reactions of the client closely and puts a plaster on any areas displaying blood. A rest period of 1 - 2 hours is recommended following the treatment, to aid full absorption of the gas.

Pneumo Puncture is on medical prescription only.

Rehabilitation summary:

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