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Reflexive massage

Specialized therapy to treat and remove unhealthy reflexive changes in segments of the locomotive system. It has a

Price: 590,- CZK 

beneficial effect on reflexive changes caused by diseases of the internal organs, locomotive system and neuro-vegetative disorders. Basic compositions are cervical, dorsal and pelvic.

We recommend a Reflexive Massage:

  • To alleviate spine pain, to better blood circulation of tissues, release of muscle tension.
  • To influence pathology of internal organs and nerve-vegetative disorders.

Reflexive Massage is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition and pregnant women.

Reflexive Massage effect

Reflexive Massage uses special touches, above all acupressure touches on the dry skin surface or with a little cream on the skin in the back and neck area. The client experiences a feeling of release, although this is not a true relaxation treatment.

How do we provide a Reflexive Massage

This massage is provided in a sitting position (nape exercises) or in a lying position on the belly (back, pelvis exercises).

Duration of the treatment: 20 minutes • Reflexive Massage is available on medical prescription only.

Rehabilitation summary:

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