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Carbon dioxide bag

The client's body is enclosed in an air-proof bag, which is filled with pure medical carbon dioxide. Absorption of the carbon


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dioxide by the skin improves blood circulation in muscle tissue, aiding the healing process and regeneration. Muscle fatigue dissipates and blood pressure stabilizes.

The bath stimulates skin sensory organs and evokes a pleasant sensation of warmth.
Perspiration is a usual side effect of this treatment. Blood pressure falls, heart activity optimizes. The effect persists for a few hours.

We recommend a Carbon Dioxide Bag 

  • To clients with high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases.
  • To clients suffering from diabetes, blood circulation disorders, vain insufficiency.
  • To Clients with healing wounds.

Carbon Dioxide Bag is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition and clients suffering from claustrophobia.

Release in a Carbon Dioxide Bag!

The treatment is well tolerated and brings instant relaxation. Repeated application increases sex hormone levels (a physiological doping effect on athletes has also been observed).

How do we provide a Carbon Dioxide Bag

The client arrives at the scheduled time, enters the cubicle, undresses (but retains underwear) and lies on a special table . The spa attendant slides the client into a plastic bag. The whole body except the head is enclosed in the bag. A towel is wound around the neck, armpit or waist. The attendant must check carefully to ensure the client can breathe well. The bag is filled with CO2 .The client’s body shouldn’t touch the bag The client has a mobile alarm to call the attendant in the event of emergency. The attendant checks on the client regularly during the treatment. After the treatment, the attendant helps the client out from the bag.

Duration of treatment: 45 minutes • Carbon Dioxide Bag is freely available.

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