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Clients with breathing difficulties inhale mineral water through the nose or mouth to improve the condition of their airways.


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 The procedure helps combat infection and has a therapeutic effect on the mucous membrane. Vincentka mineral water is used during inhalation.

We recommend an Inhalation:

  • To heal inflammation of upper and lower airways.
  • To improve airways patency.

Inhalation is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition and fever.

This treatment has no age limit

The treatment is suitable both for healing and prevention. any cough may worsen during the treatment. After the treatment, airways will feel cleaned and nose patency will be better.

How do we provide an Inhalation

The client arrives at the scheduled time, enters the cubicle, sits down on a chair, gets a towel and paper napkins and a disposable paper mouthpiece to fix on the hosepipe end of the inhalator. The attendant explains to the client how to breathe in through nose and mouth and how to breathe out. After the treatment, the attendant removes the used mouthpiece, and disinfects the desk and hosepipe of the inhalator.

Duration of treatment: 15 minutes • Inhalation is freely available.

Special treatments summary:

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