Mechanical lymph drainage

Alternating pressure on limbs acts to prevent and reduce venous and lymphatic swelling, impression of ‘heavy legs’ and


Price: 390,- CZK

Price: 280,- CZK


Price: 460,- CZK

Price: 380,- CZK


manifestations of cellulite. Other indication is chronic lymph swelling of upper limbs mostly after cancer operations.

We recommend Mechanical Lymph Drainage:

Mechanical Lymph Drainage is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition.

Approved method - how to get and keep slim legs without cellulite

The venous and lymphatic system is drained controlled compression in appliance hoses. The result is a return flow of body liquids, support for the body’s metabolism, improved subcutaneous functions and reduced swelling. The choice of hose attachment will act as a positive force against cellulite on the legs, bottom, abdominal area and the arms.

How do we provide a Mechanical Lymph Drainage

The client should wear sports clothing like leggings, tracksuit trousers and socks. If the client does not wear appropriate clothing, then there is a requirement to undress and use disposable covers. The nurse attaches appliance hoses of the appropriate size. The appliance is switched on and set to the correct type of drainage. Regular checks are made on the client during treatment. Afterwards, the nurse switches off the appliance and removes the hosepipes from the client.

Duration of treatment: 25 minutes / 50 minutes • Mechanical Lymph Drainage is available with a patient’s consent.

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