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Mouth irrigation

The oral cavity is massaged by mineral water to reduce or remove parodontosis. The treatment is both curative and


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preventative. Although mouth irrigation is a traditional method used for many years, it remains very effective against parodontosis.

We recommend a Mouth Irrigation:

  • To heal and prevent parodontosis.

Tartar should be removed before this treatment.

Face parodontosis with help of Mouth Irrigation

This treatment brings you satisfaction that you have done something good for your health. Repeated applications reinforce the gingiva (gum) and havean anti-inflammatory effect .

How do we provide a Mouth Irrigation

The client sits at a washbasin with a towel and paper napkins to protect the throat and chest. The spa attendant connects the applicator to the mineral water jet and provides the client with instructions for use. The client’s head should be bent down above the washbasin where the water flows away. After the treatment, the attendant removes the applicator.

Duration of treatment: 15 minutes • Mouth Irrigation is freely available.

Special treatments summary:

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