Oxygen therapy

Oxygen Therapy is a regenerative oxygen treatment, involving inhalation of moistened oxygen using a mask. This type of

Price: 290,- CZK 

Price: 187,- CZK 


oxygen is more concentrated than oxygen normally occurring in air. There are many beneficial effects, including improved oxygen supply to tissues.

We all need oxygen to survive. Oxygen is needed by every single cell in the human body, and lack of oxygen can give rise to many disorders. Oxygen therapy is ideally complemented by use of anti-oxidants and physical exercise. The therapy acts overall body to regenerate it and to improve both physical and mental states.

We recommend an Oxygen Therapy:

Oxygen Therapy is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition. 

Oxygen Therapy regenerates both body and soul

Oxygen therapy brings an immediate feeling of refreshment, regeneration of body and soul, disappearance of fatigue and exhaustion. The client has time to relax for an hour, read or sleep. If the therapy is connected with training on a bicycle, then the client will also have a feeling of having done exercise, not just having passively received oxygen.

How do we provide an Oxygen Therapy

The client arrives in comfortable clothes and sits in an adjustable armchair. One client can use the bicycle (provided he/she is appropriately dressed in sports clothes and shoes).

Duration of treatment: 60 minutes • Oxygen Therapy is freely available.

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