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Purifactory enema - colonclysma

Karlovy Vary mineral water is gently applied per rectum to purge the colon. The treatment lasts 15-20 minutes and is well

Price: 556,- CZK 

tolerated by patients. Only available on medical prescription or following specialist examinations like colposcopy or rectosigmoideoscopy. The treatment is beneficial in cases of dysfunctions in defecation (constipation) and intestinal disorders (bloating, irregular bowel movements, and intestinal dyspepsia). It helps detoxify and regenerate the body, build up immunity, and alleviate skin disorders, allergies, overweight and fatigue.

We recommend a Purifactory Enema – Colonclysma:

  • To regulate constipation.
  • To regulate intestinal disorders - bloating, irregular bowel movements, intestinal dyspepsia.
  • To detoxify and regenerate the organism and improve immunity.
  • To clients with allergic and skin diseases, with overweight or obesity.

Purifactory Enema is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition.

Purifactory Enema cleans from inside

Although the treatment may not be overly pleasant, it is administered with care. Relief can be felt immediately after the treatment. A lightness is often experienced in the abdominal cavity as a result of cleared intestines.

How do we provide a Purifactory Enema

Client enters the cubicle, undresses the lower part of the body and is given a towel. The nurse helps the client to lie down on a special table on the left side above the outlet. The procedure is explained to the client. After putting on disposable gloves, the nurse gently applies a rectal explorer per rectum and gradually drives in mineral water. The outflow is left to flow into the outlet. This process is repeated a few times. The treatment finishes with 500ml mineral water enema, which the client is asked to retain. The client is assisted to rise and accompanied to another room with a toilet. After finishing the treatment, the nurse disinfects the table and his/her hands.

Duration of treatment: Purifactory Enema is available on medical prescription only.

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