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VacuShape - vacuum toning equipment

VacuShape will help you lose weight and eliminate cellulite. Once in the VacuShape, the client walks on a treadmill for a

Price: 150,- CZK 


period of 30 minutes, the body being covered waist down in a vacuum chamber. Clinical tests of VacuShape indicate that expenditure of energy increases up to 50% in the vacuum, which means that fat starts to burn sooner. A regular 30 minutes session is enough. Start with three sessions per week for six to eight weeks, later, you can either continue to eliminate fat at the same rate or stabilize the achieved results by exercising once weekly.

We recommend training in VacuShape:

  • To clients wishing area-focused fat burning, to anti cellulite action.
  • To improvement of overall physical condition 

VacuShape is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition,
thrombosis, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, inflammatory diseases, pregnant women.
VacuShape is suitable for both general public use and as specialist regeneration therapy for professional athletes.Ideal way of burning fat and body building, especially with women, and to improve your physical condition.

How do we provide VacuShape

To maximize the benefits of VacuShape, apply anti cellulite cream before training. Preheating of the body is also recommended before the treatment (infrared sauna, sauna, quicker walking and so on). Optimal rate pulse should be retained during training, so that 80% of fats are used and 20% of sugar. Wear suitable sports clothes – a loose track suit, shorts, leggings and light sport shoes with a flat slip sole. The spa attendant assists the client into the machine, closes the trainer, and sets the program. The client can start walking. The trainer contains a vacuum. The client has to keep checking pulse rate. It is possible to regulate the inclination of the belt and load level. Optimal heart rate must be retained by burning 80% fat and 20% sugar. The attendant is available if necessary. After the session, consume protein and observe the drinking regime. Do not visit a solarium or sauna or perform demanding leg muscles immediately after the treatment

Duration of treatment: 30 minutes • VacuShape is freely available.

Special treatments summary:

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