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Paraffin hand pack - gloves

Paraffin is melted and warmed up to 60oC. Hot paraffin is poured into a baking sheet covered by plastic. When it becomes


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colder (40-42oC), it is applied as desired to the body to improve blood circulation in tissues, mobility and pain in joints alleviation. The plastic remains out, paraffin in contact with the hand skin. Then hands are wrapped in plastic and a towel. Hands warm up quickly and blood circulation improves. The treatment also softens the skin and improves mobility in small joints. Paraffin hand pack leaves the skin on your hands feeling silky smooth.

We recommend a Paraffin Hand Pack:

  • To improve mobility of the small hand joints, to release joints pain.
  • To soften hand skin.

Paraffin Hand Pack is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition.

Your hands deserve to be pampered!

The paraffin application is a very pleasant treatment, well tolerated. After 20 minutes of paraffin application comes the feeling of better joints mobility, pain reducing in small hand joints. It leaves the skin on your hands silky smooth as a side effect.

How do we provide a Paraffin Hand Pack

The client arrives at the paraffin department and sits at a table. The attendant applies the paraffin pack to the client’ plastic covered hands. The hands are wrapped in a towel. After 20 minutes the attendant removes the pack and traces of paraffin.

Duration of the treatment: 20 minutes • Paraffin Hand Pack is freely available without a prescription.

Thermotherapy summary:

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