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Peat pack

This treatment is very popular. The natural peat makes it is very effective, alleviating chronic joint and spine pain.


Price: 590,- CZK

Price: 459,- CZK


Price: 890,- CZK

Peat mixed with hot mineral water and warmed up to 44-46oC is spread onto affected parts of the body directly. Hot peat improves mobility, reduces aches and helps to alleviate pain in the locomotive system (muscles, joints, ligaments and the spine). The minerals are additional absorbed by the skin and support the final curative effect.

We recommend a peat pack:

  • To remove degenerative chronic disorders of joints and spine.
  • To alleviate muscle tension, relaxation overall.

Peat Pack is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition and pregnant women.

Peat pack effect

Muscle tension reduction, better blood circulation with alleviation of locomotive system aches. The minerals are also absorbed by the skin and support the final curative effect. A small peat pack is applied in two areas, e.g. spine and knee joints or others (partial pack). The big peat pack is available on medical prescription only.

How do we provide a peat pack?

The client arrives at the peat department, undresses and removes all jewellery. The client lies down on a special bed and the attendant applies peat. A cool pack is available to cool the chest or back of the neck if necessary. The client is packed into a bed sheet, plastic and blanket to retain the heat. There is an alarm button in the event of emergency. The attendant checks on the client regularly during the treatment. After 20 minutes the attendant removes the peat and assists the client to rise. After a shower, the client is wrapped into a dry bed sheet and blanket to relax on another bed for 10 minutes.

Peat Pack Small is available with the patient’s consent.
Peat Pack Big is on medical prescription only.

Thermotherapy summary:

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