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Aesthetic shockwave therapy

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An effective, modern and non-invasive method of aesthetic medicine. Excellent for cellulite treatment and roll-of-fat

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removal in problematic areas (thighs, hips, bottom), skin-stretching and smoothing, slimming and improvement of tissue elasticity.

Shockwave therapy is based on the effects of acoustic waves on the sub cutis. This promotes:

  • Collagen production – tissue reinforcement and rejuvenation 
  • Neoplasia of the vascular sub cutis supply 
  • Better blood circulation and metabolism of the treated area 
  • Lymphatic tissue drainage 
  • Evident strengthening of the skin 
  • Slimming 

We recommend Shockwave Therapy:

To treat problematical areas - front and back part of thighs, bottom, belly, arms, and upper arms.
The effects are evident with the first treatment, although the recommended number of treatments is 6-10.
Shockwave therapy is not recommended for those with coagulation disorders, (hemophilia), thrombosis, oncological diseases, acute inflammation or purulent areas at point of application. It is also not suitable if you are taking Warfarin (or other anticoagulants), if you have received corticoid treatment within the last six weeks, if you have metal implants or if you are pregnant.

How do we provide shockwave therapy

Client comes after a free consultation with our physician. The treatment is applied in the sitting or lying position. The area being treated is covered with a special gel. The client may experience percussive sensations but no pain. Sometimes there may be mild swelling, sensitivity or bruising to the area of application. Afterwards, the attendant removes traces of gel. The client should observe the drinking regime recommended for this treatment.

Duration of treatment: 45/55/25 minutes according to the option • Shockwave Therapy is available on medical prescription only. The recommended number of treatments is 6-10.

Option 1 - front and back part of thighs (or bottom) 24 000 hits

Option 2 - front and back part of thighs + bottom (or belly) 30 000 hits

Option 3 - arms + belly (or bottom) 12 000 hits

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