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Purifying face mask


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Purifying Face Mask - this mask contains effective natural components and colloidal silver. It helps to regenerate face skin and an appreciable anti-bacterial effect. The mask cleans and hydrates skin, absorbing greasiness. Its cleaning ability makes it suitable for inflamed or unclean skin.

We recommend a Purifying Face Mask:

  • To unclean or inflamed skin.
  • To deep cleansing of normal skin.

Purifying Face Masks is not recommended to those with a serious or acute medical condition.

A face mask makes your face glow!

After 20 minutes, you will experience of stretched, cleansed and shining skin followed by a mental release.

How do we provide a face mask

The client arrives in the cubicle, uncovers the décolleté and removes any jewellery. The client lies down on a special table. The attendant washes and disinfects her hands. She cleans the client’s face with a skin lotion and covers over any glasses. She spreads a ‘Karlovy Vary Mud Bath’ mask over the client’s face, neck and décolleté and applies a soft cosmetic massage. She leaves the mask for 20 minutes. Afterwards, the attendant gently removes any traces of the mask with a moist facecloth.

Duration of treatment: 20 minutes • Purifying Face Masks is freely available.

Cosmetics summary:

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