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Empress Sissi romantic bath

Invite your partner for a romantic bath together in genuine mineral water! Steep yourselves in the historical atmosphere of

Price: 1190 CZK 

Price: 977 CZK 


Elizabeth Baths, called after Austrian Empress Elizabeth (but affectionately nicknamed Sissi). Relax and enjoy the minerals and the time together. Take a break from routine, put everyday worries to one side and simply have a good time!
This relax bath utilizes natural Karlovy Vary resource - hot mineral water from geyser. It is suitable for two persons thanks to the tube size. It can affect more intensively different kinds of diseases like muscle or psychical tension, joints or spine pains and to improve blood circulation thanks to its longer influence. Clients notice a wholesome feeling of freshness and total positive soul condition after the bath.

We recommend an Empress Sissi Romantic Bath:

  • To clients overloaded by stress and suffering exhaustion.
  • To clients with muscle tension and joints pain.
  • To those who can spend their leisure time together with a friend.

The Empress Sissi Romantic Bath is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition.

Enjoy this romantic bath for two

It’s wonderful to stop in the middle of the weekdays, to forget about worries and enjoy common well-being with a friend. Experience the wholesome effects of an Empress Sissi mineral bath.

How do we provide an Empress Sissi Romantic Bath?

Clients bring drinks (they can choose from wine or mineral water), bed sheets and towels. They can enter the bath in or without a swimsuit. The tub for two is filled with hot mineral water at a pleasant temperature. The air bubbles micro-massage the skin, improve blood circulation and body relaxation. In emergencies, the clients can call the attendant by pushing an alarm button. Clients can relax on beds in another room after the bath.

Duration of treatment: 50 + 10 minutes relax • Empress Sissi Romantic Bath is freely sale.

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