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Empress Sissi romantic bath


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Take a break from everyday hustle and bustle and experience something traditional and unique. The Empress Sissi Romantic Bath for two persons offers the historic surroundings of Elizabeth Baths, named after the Empress, affectionately nicknamed Sissi. The relaxing bath uses natural Karlovy Vary mineral water. The longer the stay, the more intense the effect on existing health conditions may be. The waters help to reduce muscle and mental stress, eliminate joint and spine pain and improve blood circulation in the muscles. You will step out of the bath refreshed and flooded with a sense of extreme wellbeing.

 The Relaxing Empress Sissi Romantic Bath is suitable for:

Anyone suffering from stress and mental exhaustion those with muscle tension, joint and spine pain persons who want to spend time with their loved ones

 The Relaxing Empress Sissi Romantic Bath is NOT suitable for:

Anyone who is seriously or acute ill. 

It’s wonderful to take a break from routine, put everyday worries to one side and simply have a good time! Experience the beneficial effects of the Empress Sissi mineral water bath and enjoy your time together.

 How does it work?

Clients will be supplied with drinks (sparkling water), bed sheets and towels. Clients can wear swimsuits but this is not obligatory. The bath for two persons is filled with mineral water at a very pleasant temperature and equipped with a special massage bed. Afterwards, clients can relax nearby on lounge chairs.

The bath takes 60 minutes (including the 10 minute relaxation period afterwards)


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