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GERnétic anti-stress treatment

We'd like to tell you about GERnétic – a unique body care treatment from France. A special formula in GERnétic stimulates


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lymph, venous and micro-skin circulation. The treatment starts with gentle peeling from the foot to knee, followed by application of essential oils to reflexive points on the sole of the foot. A special crème is spread over the whole body and a lifting cream is applied to the face. The treatment instantly revitalizes and stretches facial and body skin and induces a profound sensation of relaxation.

We recommend a GERnétic Anti Stress Treatment

  • To stimulate blood and lymph system and skin micro circulation
  • To stretch skin of face and entire body
  • To release psychical and physical tension feeling

GERnétic Anti Stress Treatment is not recommended to those with a serious or acute medical condition.

Wonderful regeneration feeling

GERnétic Anti Stress Treatment brings refreshment and skin stretching immediately. You will enjoy wonderful feeling of soul and body regeneration. Why not try the new GERnétic treatment and feel ‘born again’?!

How do we provide a GERnétic Anti Stress Treatment

Client undresses, takes off shoes, takes a shower, and lies down on a special table. The treatment is provided accompanied by relax music. It starts with a soft body peeling, followed by essential oil application onto reflexive feet points and then a special oil and crème are spread over the whole body. The skin is treated by a formula with lifting effect. All applied products accelerate markedly blood and lymph circulation.

Duration of treatment: 50 minutes • GERnétic Anti Stress Treatment is freely available.

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