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Indian head massage+ face mask ‘Champagne’

This ancient method helps to reduce tension in the neck and head area, irritability, exhaustion or tiredness, dilutes stress,


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induces feelings of well-being and creates harmony within the body. The treatment is suitable for all age groups, women as well as men. Completed with the facemask Champagne brings great refreshment.

We recommend Indian Head Massage + Face Mask ‘Champagne’:

  • To clients with muscle tension in neck and head area and overloaded by stress.
  • To improve mental concentration, to alleviate sleep disorders or restlessness.
  • To improve facial skin condition, to stimulate the blood and lymph system.

Indian Head Massage is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition.

Complete care of your head

Spoil your head with a total release of tension, accompanied by relaxing music. Experience wonderful Indian head massage, and refreshed and rejuvenated facial skin after the Champagne face mask.

How do we provide an Indian Head Massage

The massage is administered with the patient in a sitting position, partly through clothing, which should be comfortable (no collar) and loose, especially around the head, neck, shoulders and upper arms. After the massage, the client lies down on a special table. The attendant applies the Champagne mask on cleansed face and the décolleté, massages softly, leaves the mask to act for 20 minutes. Afterwards, the attendant removes all traces of the mask with a moist facecloth.

Duration of treatment: 50 minutes • Indian Head Massage+ Face Mask ‘Champagne’ is freely available.

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