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Reflexive foot massage + face mask ‘Champagne’

Acupuncture points and reflex areas on the sole of the foot are activated by a special massage, to radiate positive energy

Price: 790,- CZK 


to body organs or entire body systems. The effects of the massage can be felt immediately. A suitable treatment for acute and chronic disorders, to provide palliative relief or preventative care.

Reflexive Foot Massage together with the ‘Champagne’ face mask is extremely refreshing.

We recommend a Reflexive Foot Massage + Face Mask ‘Champagne’:

  • To influence disorders of particular organs and body areas.
  • For health prevention, soul harmony, anti-depressive effects.
  • To refresh facial skin, improve blood circulation and to stretch the skin.

Reflexive Foot Massage + Face Mask ‘Champagne’ is not recommended for those with a serious or acute medical condition or clients with a skin or tissue disorder in the feet area like varicose veins, inflammations or fungal disorders.

Double deal of freshness

Enjoy a pleasant relax companied by soothing music. Wonderful accepted careful reflexive foot massage suits perfectly to rejuvenated skin feeling after the mask Champagne. You will leave with refreshed soul and body.

How do we provide Reflexive Foot Massage + Face Mask ‘Champagne’

Client takes off shoes and bares feet up to knees. The attendant washes the client’s feet first. The attendant washes and disinfects her hands. Client lies down on a special massage table. The attendant applies the Champagne mask on a cleansed face and the décolleté and makes a soft massage, leaves the mask to act for 20 minutes. The attendant applies reflexive feet massage on the feet and lower leg. The other body areas are covered with a blanket. Afterwards, any traces of the face mask are removed softly with a moist facecloth.

Duration of treatment: 50 minutes • Reflexive Foot Massage + face mask ‘Champagne’ is freely available with the client’s consent.

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